Dudes, your friend, Flip, here.

Yesterday, for Earth Day, a bunch of people got together and marched for science. I think this is really important, because we have a lot of people who want to make science a political agenda. People always want to debate the merits of one scientific belief or the other, but that’s stupid because we live in a democracy. In a democracy, majority rules. The majority of scientists believe in climate change. So if we are going to look at “evidence” which contradicts climate change, then we are going to undermine our democracy.

From my perspective here on the left, debate and deliberation are un-American, and un-scientific. We need to silence the dissenters. I’m thinking something in the way of re-education camps or something. That way we can continue to be a free and democratic society where everyone’s thoughts and beliefs are valued and heard. It seems like plain common sense to me, but what do I know, I’m just an insulated, out-of-touch, pretentious white liberal.

Anyway, happy Earth Day! Until next time, peace, dudes.